Microbial fermented black ginseng with higher absorption rate than regular red ginseng

Happy change of Korea's agricultural and fishery food begins!

In the Hahm Cho-rok, excellent Korean agricultural and fish food is
We will do our best to support you on the world stage.

about US

Technology that changes everyday Hamchorok

Hamchorok, an agricultural company, is a healthcare bio company

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    Fresh produce

    Ham Green is excellent in Korea
    Direct contract for agricultural
    products grow and harvest

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    Microbial fermentation health care

    Physiological using Korean ginseng
    Biological ingredients with excellent efficacy Separation and extraction by conversion method

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    R & D

    Korea's excellent agricultural
    products Eliminating various
    hazards Research and
    development of technology

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    Products you can trust

    To effective nutrients of
    agricultural products Continuous research and development
    Through this, it develops to everyone

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    For a safe and healthy product that you can trust and eat

    This is an effort

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